1. sig·nif·i·cant - значимый
adj \sig-ˈni-fi-kənt\
: having meaning; especially : suggestive <a significant glance>
2.cog·ni·zant - знающий
adj \ˈkäg-nə-zənt\
: knowledgeable of something especially through personal experience
3. pro·fi ·ci·en·cy - знание
: advancement in knowledge or skill
4. during - в течение
:at the time, like anything last, endure
5.skill·ful - умелый
adj \ˈskil-fəl\
: possessed of or displaying skill
6. ma·i·nst·re·am - основной
: a prevailing current or direction of activity or influence
7. ma·int·a·in – поддерживать

\mān-ˈtān, mən-\
: to keep in an existing state (as of repair, efficiency, or validity)
8. au·di·en·ce - аудитория

\ˈȯ-dē-ən(t)s, ˈä-\
: the act or state of hearing
9. a·ri·e·ty - разообразие
: the quality or state of having different forms or types
10. nar·ra·tive - повествовательный
noun \ˈner-ə-tiv, ˈna-rə-\
: something that is narrated : story, account
11. tran·si·tion - переход
\tran(t)-ˈsi-shən, tran-ˈzi-, chiefly British tran(t)-ˈsi-zhən\
: passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : change
12. re·hearse - подготовленный
verb \ri-ˈhərs\
: to present an account of : relate <rehearse a familiar story>
13: blend - смесь
verb \ˈblend\
: mix;
14:di·ve·rse - разнообразный
\dī-ˈvərs, də-ˈ, ˈdī-ˌ\
: different, dissimilar to any indication
15. grab - захватывать
: to take or seize by or as if by a sudden motion
16. Bro·ad - широкий
: having ample extent from side to side or between limits
17. fi·ne·sse - ловкость, мастерство
: refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture

18. an·ec·dot·al - содержательный
a : of, relating to, or consisting of anecdotes <an anecdotal biography>

19. mid·stream на ходу
\ˈmid-ˈstrēm, -ˌstrēm\
an intermediate stage in an act or process <the tone changes in midstream>

20. con·cise чёткий,сжатый
marked by brevity of expression or statement : free from all elaboration and superfluous detail <a concise report> <a concise definition>

21. en·gage·ment - вовлечённый
\in-ˈgāj-mənt, en-\
an arrangement to meet or be present at a specified time and place <a dinner engagement>

22.ap·peal·ing актуальный

marked by earnest entreaty

23. re·spond отвечать
to say something in return : make an answer <respond to criticism>

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