Hello, our team would like to introduce you to the topic "how to lose the fear of public speaking?" Is there in our audience are people who fear public speaking?
Raise your hands please, who is afraid of public speaking. Come out here, please tell us a couple of sentences about yourself. T
hanks a lot, but now we consider the error of our narrator:
Looks at the floor,
Says quietly,
Closed position
Explicit fear of the audience ...

Now, in order to avoid these errors, we'll give you 7 tips for successful public speaking.

1) Admit nervousness

2) Redefine your audience

3) Invest in visual aids

4) Make mistakes intentionally

5) Speak to one person at a time

6) Be impressive with personal opinion

7) Have fun experimenting

So it is very important to overcome your fear of public speaking. If you are not scared, you are more confident. You can effectively engage the public.
Every presentation make you more brave and experienced. It isn't very difficult to overcome your fear, some exercises and all will be Ok! I did it, and I very proud about it!
Thus, to overcome the fear of the audience is very important. If you're not afraid, you're more confident in sebe.
Ty can effectively engage the audience. Each performance will make you an experienced and courageous.
To overcome the fear is easy, a little training and everything will be fine! I got and I'm very proud of it!