Have I been regularly asked to make presentations ?
Me very seldom ask to do presentation.

What methods will I employ in my next presentation to provide variety and interest?
I will use a method of the fallen subjects what to hold attention of spectators.

What questions can I anticipate and prepare for in my next presentation?
I will just prepare for all that probably)

If a member of my audience were interviewed after my presentation, would his or her actual comments match up with what I hope this person would say? If not, why not?

It not a simple question. At all I do not know)

Have others commented that my presentation was well worth their time?
I didn't ask them

Do I have a good track record for keeping within my allotted time slot?
I think, what yes, but I am not assured of it

Am I presenting with substance and not just relying upon my style and charm?
I think that the sound background won't be superfluous

Am I obsessed with preparing and incapable of smoothly handling unanticipated events?
I think that I am ready to not expected events

Am I overly concerned with influencing my audience with my opinions or preferences?
I don't worry about it

good presentation: