• For successful public speaking you must know six powerful tips to beat public speaking nerves.
    The first powerful tip:
    Put in the preparation time.Don worry about forgetting what they want to say whilis on stage.
    The second powerful tip:
    Visualise success.
    The third powerful tip:
    Take some exercise.
    exercising before a presentation is great way to relax the body and and reduse nerves.

    The fourth powerful tip:
    Meet the audience.
    Meting the audience before a sspesh can realy help to calm your fears.

    Еhe fifth powerful tip:
    Make eye contact.
    Making eye contact helps you to relize that you are having a conversation with each of audience.

    The sixth powerful tip:
    Set positive goals.
    You must to setting a posive goal to become a competent,confident speaker.

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